Friday, April 2, 2010

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Rain city never fails. The late winter early spring means rain here in Vancouver. What is a girl to do? Luckily I am many of the very few girls that have the hair frizz problem when it comes to rain as my hair is pin straight all the time. BUT I still don't like being chilled to the bone.

So the question of the day is how does a fashionable girl stay warm, dry, and in style? well its really quite simple. A great rain coat, Burberry (I am investing in one this season) and a great pair of HUNTER boots.

Hunter boots come in so many different colors that it might be hard to choose. The classic in me says black, but the product of the 80's in me says yellow. Which will I choose? Yellow. On a dark cold rainy day, they can be the sunshine in my step!


  1. Those boots really are quite wonderful. I have a pair of rain boots, although they are no Hunters but, they do make a difference. I love yellow though. Wednesday has a pair of yellow boots and an umbrella to match and it is such a striking contrast on grey rainy days. But, summer is almost!

  2. I hear the weather in the East is much more desirable then it is on the West Coast. It has been so chilly and wet. Even with the sun the wind is enough to blow you away.