Friday, April 2, 2010


Hair cuts are very important. I finally found a salon, and a stylist that I truly love. It is so important to find someone that knows how to work with your hair.

My new stylist did cut off a LOT more hair that I asked for, but it was much needed. I had been growing my hair since last April, and trying to get the box dye jobs out of my hair for a full year. Well FINALLY it is almost my natural color. And I am very happy.

I also love bangs. Who needs an accessory when you have great bangs and a killer smile ;)


  1. I re-discovered bangs last year. I can't believe I let my five-finger forehead stay uncovered for so long! Yours look fantastic. So smoothe!

  2. bangs FTW!!!! <3 they look really good on you kitty! tho you look good no matter what!

  3. Thanks Ladies! You two also rock the bangs very well!