Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Styling

Something just occurred to me. I haven't posted any of my styling work other then the visual display Betsy project. Well here we go.

As most of you can see, I like to get lost in enchanted worlds. I love trees, the earth, the mud, the dirt, the grass, the flowers, the sky, the water, the air which we cannot see. I love it all, and a lot of my inspiration is pulled from that.

I also really like a classic darkness. Not the rocked out, wild and over done hair. But the mysterious creepiness that allures people to take a closer look. Or to get lost in something twisted and demented.

Here is three images to start.

Style Lab


  1. I love the colour palette in these photos.

  2. it's pretty magnificent. I shot it down in Stanley Park. The skirt is from the Twisted Fairytale collection I made for the fashion show. Lauren, the models, skin and features were absolutely perfect for these shots.