Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lanvin hearts H&M..

And we do too! Yes thats right! Lanvin is releasing a much anticipated collection for H&M. While I have yet to see a sneek preview of it I am really excited. Lanivn is just so classic, so elegant, so beautiful. You bet your Louboutin Red Bottom booties that I'll be first in line at the opening. You heard me right, line. Women and men, line up for these designer days as early as midnight. Luckily for me, I work graveyards and this will be a piece of cake, piece of pie.

Check out the H&M website for more info and for a store located near you.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Wanna Be On Top?


Cycle one million and twenty has begun. No really it's Cycle 15 and I have to say I still love this show. I like that you always find one girl, for me its the most awkward girl in the pack, and totally root for her. So that being said GO ANN and Rhianna!

So far three girls have left the competition. Anamaria, Terra, and Sara. Anamaria got the boot because she was too skinny. Too skinny for the fashion world? Healthy is in. Girls gotta have meat on the bones. And Terra got the axe for I think crying too much. Sarah got kicked out because she didn't bring anything to the table her pictures just fell flat.

I am really excited to see how this show fairs and how the girls push the bar. The stakes are very high and I am anticipating next week.

Until next time.

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WInter Sports Meets High Fashion

Once again I am so sorry for my lengthy hiatus. Life has been all over the place backwards insanity! But I should be updating more frequently!

Also my lap top bit the dust.. meaning I have LOST everything. I am pretty sad but I learned my lesson. BACK UP ALL THE TIME!

So upon my research I found this little gem. ISNT IT AMAZING!? I think so. I love Chanel to begin with. I think that the style is just so classic and timeless that if you own a Chanel piece you are lucky and could really wear it every day for the rest of your life and no one would know it was 50 years old. That being said, even the snowboard is classic and timeless.

I will take one please!

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