Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring 2010

Ahhh.. Big breath in. Big Breath out! Spring is here. Although, in Vancouver, B.C. it comes a few months early.

So, while I cook my tofu fried rice (minus the egg), I will entertain you with the ideas of what spring fashion has to offer us this year;
Big hair bows. = LOVE. How do you wear such an amazing accessory? Anyway you want. So long as it is in your hair. That being said, the longevity of this trend is probably until the fall. Sorry Blair Waldorf. But enjoy it while you can. I know I am.

Next: Studded anything. Blazers, jersey blazers, shorts, shoes, bags. You name it, it's going to be studded. Want to save money on this trend? Pull out the old BEDAZZLER and go to town. If only I knew where mine was...

Okay. So there you have it. 2 spring 2010 trends.. stay tuned for more. Maybe I will catch some lovely people rocking them on the streets and snap a few pictures.


  1. That outfit is horrid...but the bow rocks galaxies!

  2. The Bow is amazing. But yes, Marc by Marc Jacobs is always a little out there. I do like the top.